Organizations 1963 Irish Repertory Theatre


Since its founding in 1988, Irish Repertory Theatre was adopted by a generous network of donors committed to supporting the works of Irish-American artists. The direct support of the members of our viewers and of our neighbors in the area is a true testament to the success of their job on our phases.
The mission of the theatre was and remains:

To deliver works by Irish and Irish American masters and contemporary playwrights to American viewers, to provide a context for understanding the contemporary Irish experience, 
And to encourage the growth of new works focusing on the Irish and Irish American experience, in addition to a range of other cultures.

The Irish Repertory Theatre is currently the sole year-round theatre company in New York City dedicated to bringing Irish and Irish American works to the stage.

Irish Rep members are our most steadfast supporters and the core of our viewers. Participants get access to a exceptional set of benefits and experiences and every present is conducive to bringing the works of Irish-American playwrights vividly to life within our phases.

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