Organizations 1684 Weeks Ville Heritage Center

To be able to vote at New York, one had to own land and James Weeks and many others started buying land to construct a neighborhood in Brooklyn. It had been home to the very first female African American doctor in New York State and also the first African American police officer in Nyc. Weeksville had physicians, dentists, ministers, educators, teachers and laundrymen, each of the components of a lively citizenry. The neighborhood blossomed throughout the turn on the century and virtually disappeared to the Brooklyn”grid”.

The Weeksville Heritage Center, on Bergen Street away Rochester Avenue boasts a visitor’s center, study laboratory and also three of the first 19th Century frame homes which were constructed to a senior winding Dutch winding merchant street, formerly an Algonquin route for centuries. Initially called Hunterfly Road at Colonial New York, the twisting thoroughfare cut through the Middle of modern neighborhood neighborhood of Crown Heights.

Rediscovered in 1968 with a historian and his pupils by flying a plane over a place cited in a historical text on Brooklyn and there was, that the twisting Hunterfly Road with frame houses set for demolition and also the property for redevelopment. Over the previous 30 decades, the historical community’s federal preservation standing was announced along with the Weeksville Heritage Society has been formed. Visitors may see the initial Hunterfly Road homes with a docent on weekdays or attend applications, and unique events in the middle.

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