Learn How To Use The Rotary Hammer Drill For Your Next DIY Project

You are trying to finish a project that requires some drilling on concrete. You heard suggestions of using a hammer driller. Now, you visit a hardware store and asked for a hammer driller. The seller then asked you what are you going to drill and you mentioned that you are going to bore a hole through concrete. The seller then suggests that you should be getting the best rotary hammer drill vs a regular hammer drill. Here is the reason why.

What is a Rotary Hammer Drill?

When boring a hole through a concrete, a common hammer drill doesn’t really work well. But a rotary hammer drill can help you do the job. Watch the video below that shows the difference between a standard hammer drill and a rotary hammer drill. If you need some serious drilling, you will need a rotary hammer and not a regular hammer drill. The rotary hammer drill is worth the money that can complete any drilling job for concrete.

Learn How To Use The Rotary Hammer Drill

There are two types of rotary hammer drills – the cordless and the non-cordless.

Install your drill bit. Pull your chuck back, insert the drill bit, turn it a bit so that it locks in. And then let go of the chuck so that you are good to go. The drill can also be used as a chipper, the chipper tool is installed in the same way as the drill bit.

To demonstrate, make sure that your setting is on hammer drill before actually using it. Before drilling, you want to make sure that you have a good stance, and then let the machine do the work itself. Do not force the tool because you can cause some damage. Just point the drill bit to the section of the concrete you want to bore a hole to and then push the power mechanism for the drill bit to push through the concrete.

When using the chipper bit, make sure that your settings are set to just hammer. Point the tool to the area you want to chip out and just let the rotary hammer do its job. Watch the full video for a full demonstration of how to use the rotary hammer.

All videos from this post are taken from YouTube purposely to show what is a rotary hammer drill and to demonstrate how to use this technology. Hammer drills are great when doing some plumbing works that requires you to bore a nice clean hole for your plumbing devices without really breaking the concrete wall. Videos were chosen at random and without any purpose of endorsement of any kind. We hope that this post can help you get your next DIY job or project together.


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