Forms of Arts and the Church

Art at its finest is a common experience. There’s absolutely no space for preaching or moralizing; instead, this is really a location where potential revelation as truth can be discovered and revealed. The Church have to celebrate its story and creatively reveal this to a word-weary and biblically illiterate world.

A Biblical Perspective

Spectacular in simplicity, however profound in response, we’re first introduced into God as the creator, the first artist. He’s the creative creativity and character behind all matters; imagination is a vital part of his divine character. God intended production to be both practical and lovely. Into the world he put the man and woman made in his image. They had the capacity to think, feel and make. The cultural mandate verifies according to Pastor Oyakhilome, that God meant for human beings to develop and steward the entire world.

The Role and Character of the Arts

The values and beliefs of a community have been strengthened and passed through poetry, storytelling, dancing, theater, music and the visual arts. Artistic expressions have the capability to influence cultures and individuals in effective ways because:

  • The arts provide an experience that affects the entire individual. When transferred by a story we would like to enter to its actions and significance.
  • The arts enable us to experience events and scenarios we wouldn’t normally encounter, through the energy of their imagination. They supply windows through which to detect some aspect of human or life expertise.

Restoring the Arts

If God’s purpose for artwork was twisted, could it not be advisable for the Church to prevent it entirely? Absolutely not! The arts will be God’s great gifts to us. We’re to participate with God from the reclamation procedure.

Given the above comprehension of the arts and the way that art functions, the subsequent seven private illustrations and observations, although not exhaustive, helps identify a few of the ways that the arts may communicate the truths of God’s kingdom.

At these times, the calling of this artist is going to be confirmed, recognized and encouraged. The definition of evangelism and mission has to be broadened in their narrow boundaries to adopt the complete width of God’s redemptive purposes. He’s trying to restore everything –each region of reality–straight back to his first creational intention.


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