Events 834 I Billy Elliot The Musical I

Set during the 1984 miner’s strike, the series follows Billy, the youngest child of a blue-collar family which has lately dropped its Mum, since he finds his improbable and outstanding gift for ballet. While his family chooses to the picket lines, Billy secretly starts to examine the art of dancing. Since Billy blossoms and yells, the lives and world about him continue to moan. His only escape might be the prestigious Royal Ballet School, a location no self-respecting boy has goneor been permitted to proceed to, until.

Please be mindful that Billy Elliot the Musical isn’t entirely family-friendly. Even though this is the story of a young boy, it might not be acceptable for all audiences. Dramatizations of the 1984 miners’ strike include somewhat violent riots, and a few scenes include powerful language spoken by child and adult actors. The general theme, articles, and narrative aren’t violent or derogatory, but some audience members might find it offensive or unsuitable for kids.

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