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What Made Art Important Until Today

For musicians at the period prior to the contemporary age (before about 1800 or so), the procedure for selling artwork was different as it currently is. From the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance works of art had been commissioned, in other words, they had been arranged by a patron (the individual paying for the job of artwork), then made to purchase. A patron entered into a contract with an artist who given exactly what the work’s topic is, and how much he’d be compensated how much time it would have to finish.

Perhaps not exactly what we’d consider artistic liberty –however, it did have its own benefits. Something wasn’t painted by you and simply hope it’d promote, just how artists do today.
What has been the status of the artist prior to the contemporary age?
One approach to comprehend this would be to think of everything you “dictate” to get made for you now.

A pizza springs to mind–purchased by the cook in a local pizza parlor–“I will have a massive pie with pepperoni,” or even a birthday cake out of a baker “I would prefer a chocolate cake with mocha blue and black letters which say ‘Happy Birthday Jerry.'” Or you purchased a pair of bookshelves out of a seamstress out of even a wedding gown or a carpenter?
Does our civilization believe hamburgers and carpenters to become high in their own standing as attorneys or physicians (remember I am not asking what we believe, but what worth our civilization normally contributes to these professions)? Our civilization produces a differentiation that we occasionally refer to “blue collar” function versus “white collar” work.

From the Middle Ages and even for much of the Renaissance, the artist had been viewed as somebody that labored with his hands they have been believed proficient laborers, craftsmen, or sailors. This is something which Renaissance artists fought against. They desired to be regarded as innovators and leaders. And throughout the Renaissance, the condition of the artist will change radically, but it might take centuries to get effective artists to acquire the very large standing we provide to “art stars” now (by way of instance, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, or even Damien Hirst).

Medieval paintings are frequently sumptuous items made out of gold and other valuable substances. What produced these paintings precious were these substances (blue, as an instance, was frequently produced from the rare and pricey semi-precious rock, Lapis Lazuli). These substances were lavished to signify standing and the riches of its patron or to express loyalty. The worth of a painting is the end consequence of something Now. Picasso might have painted onto a napkin and it might have been unbelievably valuable only because it had been Picasso– the artwork is currently a reflection of the artist and substances frequently have little to do with the worthiness of their artwork.


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